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Thuya has been a manufacturer and a distributor of professional cosmetic products since 1988, specialized in three product categories: Eyes, with Lash & Brow tinting products, Lash perm and Brow lift; Nail care with colour and building products; and Hand and Foot care treatments.

Our degree of specialization in these three categories has made us experts and leaders in a market that continues to grow and evolve constantly. With our own laboratory and a large team located in Barcelona, we have been inspired by professionals in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and have focused on working for them, investing in continued research and innovation. We are always at the forefront in terms of new products and markets, with an international presence in over 45 countries

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Sagrada Familia


Always be at the forefront of the latest trends and developments within the cosmetics sector. Specialized in professional products with a strong commitment to guarantee the highest quality and the most competitive price.


Thuya has become an international reference. That is why our team works every day to have the best products and reach new markets. We want to continue growing together with our customers, accompanying all the professionals in the sector and becoming their best ally.


Thuya is characterized by its innovative spirit, which is why we value flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability in our day-to-day work. The world and the market are constantly changing, which is why we are committed to training and innovation and have full confidence in our team to move forward into the future.


Our laboratory located in Barcelona represents one of our greatest competitive advantages: it allows us absolute control over the entire process, research, development and innovation and provides us with a rapid, efficient and flexible response capacity when it comes to adapting production to market requirements.

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