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Thuya Gel On-Off Neon Kit

Thuya Gel On-Off Neon Kit

SKU: NT-011610395

Let yourself be seduced by the two spring tones of permanent enamel gel on-off neon effect that we have launched for this wonderful season:
• Neon Green:a powerful, vibrant and fun neon green
 Neon Party: A new neon pink shade that is sexy, intense and full of light.

This Neon collection kit includes 6 permanent enamels. In addition to the two new shades, it has the 4 neon collection that complete the entire color range:

• Purple Neon: an intense, strong purple tone.
• Neon Orange: all the warmth and intensity of the most vibrant orange.
• Neon Yellow: vitality and luminosity for nails to be the protagonists.
• Neon Rose: a rose to dazzle, powerful, eye-catching and passionate.

Get some impact manicures and complete the collection of on-off gel permanent enamels with the most fashionable neons. A collection full of strength, vigour and flashes of color that will not leave you indifferent. Unleash your creativity with these intense, bold and dazzling tones.

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